VivTote is a monthly subscription to designer jewelry and handbags that allows women to discover and wear new designer accessories that suit their style for only a small monthly fee. Customers get access to a shared collection of unlimited designer jewelry and handbags, based on the plan they pick.

VivTote is a monthly subscription to designer jewelry and handbags that allows women to discover and wear new designer accessories that suit their style for only a small monthly fee. Customers get access to a shared collection of unlimited designer jewelry and handbags, based on the plan they pick.

1. Take the style quiz: Start by taking a quick interactive style quiz that will help us know your style preferences.

2. Sign up to get your VogueTote: Select the plan the best suits you and sign up.

3. Add items to your wish list: There are numerous designer products that you can browse through and add to your wish list. Stylist will refer your style quiz and wish list to send 3-5 pieces to you each month, on loan

4. Wear, Return, Repeat: Wear the pieces you receive for only a couple weeks or for as long as you want. Return when you are ready to receive a new set.

Unlimited Jewelry:
a.     Do you love jewelry?  Fret buying baubles and not using it later? This plan is for you!
b.     For $21/month , customers can join VivTote unlimited jewelry plan to receive 3-4 pieces of jewelry in each set. You can return to get a new set and keep enjoying designer jewelry!

Unlimited jewelry and mini handbags:
a.     Do you love jewelry and, oh boy, mini-cross body and clutch! Love them too? This plan is for you!
b.     For $29.99 / month you get access to unlimited jewelry and designer mini handbags that are worth upto $200 mrp. You get a designer handbag every alternate VivTote set. In your first set you get a mini handbag and 2 piece of jewelry, 2nd set 4-5 pieces of jewelry, 3rd set again 2-piece jewelry and a mini handbag and so on.

Unlimited jewelry and all handbags:
a.     You just love designer handbags and want a new handbag in every set + of course beautiful jewelry? Then this plan is for you!
b.     For $40/month you get access to all designer handbags and in each set you receive 1 handbag and two pieces of jewelry.

VivTote stylists refer your style preferences and wish list to select the best pieces for you. Each set is curated to match your style. If you want to experiment and try new styles in your next voguetote, simply retake style quiz and leave comments. Stylists will refer it and pick the best ones to you.

VivTote has handbags from renowned designer brands include KateSpade, Rebecca Minkoff, Whiting & Davis and more. Amongst jewelry, we carry a variety of established and emerging designers including Loren Hope, Wanderlust & Co, CC Skye, House of Harlow, Baleen and more. We refer your your style quiz and wish list to pick the right designers pieces for you and strive to introduce you to new designers. 

Of course you can! We do understand that we get over most pieces in a few days but some, we do want to wear again and again. So yes once you love something and want to buy it, you can actually click “buy” online and buy it for 20% discount or simply keep it and return the rest. Once we receive your VivTote, we will charge you the discounted price for the pieces you decided to keep. All purchases are final. 

All items are cleaned before they go back on the shelf and inspected before being sent out. All items are in great condition with minimal signs of prior usage. 

You are charged on the same day every month from the day your membership starts.

We do not charge for normal wear and tear, however for damage beyond repair like broken handle or a broken chain, we do have to charge you for the product price. If the product comes damaged, please inform us within 2 business days and send it back to us immediately. We pack the products safely and so it is very rare for the pieces to get damaged during transport.

For any queries you can email us and inform us at info@vivtote.com

We provide a USPS prepaid return label that you shall affix on the return envelope or box and drop it off at the nearest USPS office. If you don’t want to travel to the USPS office, you can also schedule a pick up via USPS site for FREE, but please ensure you hand it over to the USPS personnel and not leave it at the front door to avoid the package being lost or stolen. When scheduling pick-up there is an option to mention where should they look for your shipment. In that please select the option "knock on the door/ring bell". If you are not available during regular pick up times, please drop it off at the nearest USPS office. 

If you are in an apartment you can leave it with the apartment management office it they accept it

Please keep the original packing and use it to repack the products once you are ready to return. If you are sent an envelope place the products inside it else use the original box and affix the return label on it. Always put jewelry inside the handbag and wrap the handbag with bubble wrap.

Your minimum rental period is of 10 days. This is because we want you to be able to truly experience and enjoy wearing them before you return. After 10 days of receiving it you can return any time to receive a new set of products. You can keep the products for as long as you want however we suggest you do not keep them for longer than 90 days so that you make the most of your membership and keep receiving new pieces.

For the jewelry and handbag plans we use priority shipping both ways and so within a couple days of receiving your previous set you will receive a new set. For the only jewelry plan it is shipped via first class mail.

When you buy 3, 6 or 12 month membership you become a VIP member.

Extra 5% discount towards purchase. You can buy what you love for a special VIP member price of 25% discount on MRP.

That’s not all, as a VIP member you receive a seasonal free gift, yours to keep, every season.

You may request cancellation of your VivTote membership by sending an email to info@vivtote.com We will continue to bill your account until tracking activity is present on the return of your last VivTote set.

For any queries email us at info@vivtote.com