About us

Because accessories bring out the best in you

All women love handbags and accessories but buying them is intimidating! By looking a rack full of bags and accessories you can't know what to buy. Even if you buy, you don't know if you will use it again.
That's why we created VivTote, a unique way for you to discover and experience designer accessories without having to foot the bill. Our vision as a fashion tech company is to leverage technology to empower all women to wear designer fashion without limits.


About the founder 

Founder & CEO

Arushi Agrawal, Founder & CEO

 Inspired by the power of cloud industry and its ability to benefit the fashion industry, Arushi Agrawal founded VivTote to empower women to have a virtual designer accessories closet with an e-stylist all in the comfort of their home and at the fraction of the cost.

Prior to founding VivTote, Arushi honed her technology skills while building software products at tech giants like Microsoft and Accenture and pursued her passion for fashion industry by participating in local cultural and theatrical events. She is also the winner of a beauty pageant and holds the title of Mrs. India Seattle 2015. 

If you are also passionate about fashion and technology, find her on twitter @ArushiMSFT or email at info@vivtote.com